Success we see as sports: Training with impuls!

What do we mean by training? Think of sport: our participants are often quite good in what they do – but they still want to improve. We at impuls! see ourselves as your trainer for even more performance. Together we determine your strengths and reinforce them. We also help you during the training to determine your weaknesses and work on them. In order to recognize unconscious strengths and weaknesses one needs a trainer; we give the necessary feedback!

Interval training principle: do it like the top athletes

At impuls! theory and practice are a unity: training sessions and work life alternate according the interval training principle. Thus you have the chance to test the new knowledge in real life, analyze your experiences during the training sessions and to work towards your success – step by step.

Web based modules: to make your knowledge remain current

You know this phenomenon: you have gained valuable knowledge but somehow it got lost little by little in the daily routine. We make sure that your knowledge remains current. Our web based modules offer you the possibility to retain the most important contents of the training sessions and to deepen your knowledge.