Instruments of analysis – The matching
requirements profile for the job

Does the applicant meet the requirements profile? How can I identify the potential of my employees? Together we develop job-related and branch-specific requirements profile for very different tasks and jobs. These profiles then reflect the tailored requirements of your company and branch in a customized way. Afterwards we are there for you when it comes to the targeted recruitment and personnel qualification.

Potential analysis: different methods for the best results

Modern qualification measures are carried out in a targeted manner. The “watering can principle”, meaning same content for everybody is in many cases not useful any longer. To identify individual needs we use instruments of analysis which are accepted around the globe like INSIGHTS MDI, LIFO, REISS Profiles and Profiles.

In a personal talk we will establish which instrument of analysis is the right one for you and your employees. The result: exact qualification of your employees according to the individual requirements of your company and the strengths and weaknesses of your staff.


Use the full potential of your employees

The comprehensive diagnosis tools of INSIGHTS MDI® show you at a glance where you have to begin with certain employees or project teams to use their capabilities, competencies, moral values and preferred behaviour in an optimal way for your economic success. In addition, you receive a reliable basis for your decision-making in order to communicate individually and thus more successfully with customers, partners and service providers. The questionnaires developed for the diagnosis can be filled in about 15 – 20 minutes.

Behaviour, values, motivation

The profiles show, how we act in work and stress situations and they give us valuable insights of our natural behavioural style and adapted professional behavioural style. They measure our value structures, our personal motivators and explain why our behaviour is the way it is.


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OutMatch ASSESS Competency Analysis

In cooperation with the management and HR team and guided by the structure of the OutMatch ASSESS Competency Modelling Process an individual competency model is created for the corresponding company. The competency model is composed by the general requirements of the company towards its management staff, as well as by the specific requirements of the different organizational units within the company. The comparison of the competency model with the evaluation reports of the employees allows the company to identify its need for improvement on a scientific basis and to adapt its HR development and recruitment processes accordingly.

OutMatch replaces the ASSESS competence system. Already 700 customers worldwide with about 12 million analyses per year use this new concept. Gain a decisive advantage and be part of the market launch in the German speaking countries!

OutMatch ASSESS Performance Analysis

The potential of a candidate is compared to an adequate comparison group and to standardized, industry-specific and workplace-specific requirements. Innate and work-specific personality traits are measured: cognitive, professional and relationship style. Each participant receives a detailed and meaningful feedback report about his/her strengths as well as about critical success factors related to his/her aspired professional position.

OutMatch ASSESS 360° Feedback Analysis

An individual’s self-image and external image are not always the same. This can cause difficulties in leading teams and complicate a team’s cooperation. The OutMatch ASSESS 360° Feedback Analysis shows this discrepancy and compares the feedback of all team members (supervisors, colleagues, employees) with a previously defined competency model.

REISS Profile

Who am I? Motives and motivation

What is important to you, what makes you really happy in your life? What are your motivators and your inner providers of energy? Success, wealth, career, family or friends, etc.? The American psychologist Prof. Steven Reiss, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University, found out after many years of research with over 20.000 test persons worldwide detected that not just one or two motives (values) play a role in our life but 16. These 16 basic desires (inner values, wishes, needs) determine what we do and our life: they are the substance we are made of. The way we create our desires, how we experience and live them in the end bring sense and meaning to our lives.

Living our desires brings joy and motivation

When we live our desires we stay energetic, feel joy, satisfaction etc. – at work and in private life. These days, more and more people have motivational problems. What is the new approach of REISS profiles“.

Provide the framework for motivation

Motivational problems can hardly be “disqualified” or undone, because motivation is a stable factor that is not easily trainable. The aim is rather to recognize the motivation of employees and to shape the environment in such a way that it favors motivation. For this, the Reiss Profile offers target-oriented support. It gathers motives and values of employees, helps you to understand and optimize personal actions and solve critical situations.

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Profiles International

Profiles International provides scientifically mature profiling-instruments for success-oriented management. The products support executives in improving the performance of their employees, in minimizing expensive wrong decisions in hiring and in directing capabilities and strengths of all employees into profitable paths. We enable you to assess your employees and applicants more concretely and thus manage your employees’s more effectively.

Established in over 100 countries

The products of Profiles International have a solid scientific background. The ongoing research on their further development is in the hands of highly qualified experts and meets even the strict guidelines of the „American Psychological Association“.  Despite the international focus, the instruments are customized by local / national „Product Development Teams” for the respective market. The products for the German market meet exactly the requirements for the German economy.

Fast and reliable evaluation of suitability and motivation

Gut instinct and knowledge of human nature are no longer enough to evaluate the suitability and motivation of future or current employees. We offer you qualified online-profiling instruments in order to organize your personnel management much more effective. Our know-how enables you to better evaluate and use your employees.

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RELIEF – stress prevention®

Since the end of 2013, the law requires in §5 of the German Occupational Safety Act also the risk assessment regarding mental stress.

With Relief® we are now able to meet these legal requirements in a specially designed, web-based, multi-step process:

  • Identification and assessment of psychological risk factors
  • Workshop for action planning
  • Implementation of the measures: on an organizational and individual level.

We can offer a compliant implementation of the psychological risk assessment and perform customized actions for all pertinent issues.
Thus, you can meet the legal requirements and will be able to handle the entire process including documentation much easier.

A profit for the individual and the company 

RELIEF® is a labor psychological diagnostic method to detect individual stress patterns and identify stress amplifiers and coping factors in the stress event. Personal areas of action can be specifically mapped and addressed with practical interventions and coaching instructions.

Developments towards burnout can be treated in an early and preventive way and so the process might even be stopped. It is also for the psychological risk assessment within companies an important contribution on behavioral level.


  • improves the working atmosphere
  • increases productivity
  • promotes individual well-being
  • reduces staff turnover and sick days  

The areas of application of RELIEF®:

  • health promotion
  • stress prevention
  • Corporate Health Management
  • personal coaching
  • reintegration after burnout
  • leadership training
  • team developments