Instruments of analysis – The matching
requirements profile for the job

Does the applicant meet the requirements profile? How can I identify the potential of my employees? Together we develop job-related and branch-specific requirements profile for very different tasks and jobs. These profiles then reflect the tailored requirements of your company and branch in a customized way. Afterwards we are there for you when it comes to the targeted recruitment and personnel qualification.

Potential analysis: different methods for the best results

Modern qualification measures are carried out in a targeted manner. The “watering can principle”, meaning same content for everybody is in many cases not useful any longer. To identify individual needs we use instruments of analysis which are accepted around the globe like INSIGHTS MDI, LIFO, REISS Profiles and Profiles.

In a personal talk we will establish which instrument of analysis is the right one for you and your employees. The result: exact qualification of your employees according to the individual requirements of your company and the strengths and weaknesses of your staff.

Use the full potential of your employees

The comprehensive diagnosis tools of INSIGHTS MDI® show you at a glance where you have to begin with certain employees or project teams to use their capabilities, competencies, moral values and preferred behaviour in an optimal way for your economic success. In addition, you receive a reliable basis for your decision-making in order to communicate individually and thus more successfully with customers, partners and service providers. The questionnaires developed for the diagnosis can be filled in about 15 – 20 minutes.

Behaviour, values, motivation

The profiles show, how we act in work and stress situations and they give us valuable insights of our natural behavioural style and adapted professional behavioural style. They measure our value structures, our personal motivators and explain why our behaviour is the way it is.


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  • Personnel selection: Identifying potential during personnel recruitment and career development.
  • Personnel development: Determining the situation, development of trainings and coaching programs as well as for an efficient evaluation (educational control).
  • Identifying potential: Advancement of resources and talents and the development of an integrated personality.
  • Leadership: Development tools for an individual adequate relationship management of leaders and employees.
  • Team development: The instruments create transparency in regards to the constellation and effective cooperation in high performance teams. During this process synergies are efficiently established and supported.
  • Organisational development: Implementation of INSIGHTS MDI® analysis in complex change processes supports understanding the dynamic and culture of an organisation.
  • Sales: With INSIGHTS MDI® salespersons can become a relationship manager and decisively align their sales strategies with the requirements of their customers.
The Tools

Example Analysis Insights MDI

1. INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights „Leadership-Check“
Gives an integrated feedback on the natural talent of a test person. The report includes understandings of the main motivators and behavioral preferences, instructions for the communication, of the ideal surrounding and natural strengths and weaknesses.
» Example Analysis Talent Insights Leadership-Check

2. INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights „Sales-Check“
Provides an integrated feedback on the sales behavior, gives sales tips, describes strengths and obstacles in the sales process and gives a summary of potential behavioral and motivational conflicts.
» Example Report Talent Insights Executive-Check

3. INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights „Executive-Check“
Gives an integrated feedback on the natural talent of a test person. The report includes understandings of the main motivators and behavioral preferences, instructions for the communication, on the ideal surrounding and natural strengths and weaknesses.
» Musterbericht Talent Insights Executive-Check

4. INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights „Selection“
Provides a compact (about 18 pages) and integrated feedback on the natural talent of a participant. The report reveals both the motivators as well as the behavioral preferences and is therefore ideal for the talent identification and candidate selection process.
» Example Report Talent Insights Selection

5. INSIGHTS MDI® Potentialanalysis
The behavior analysis procures exact knowledge of the natural behavior, the so-called basic style, and sets it against the adapted style.
»  Potentialanalysis

6. INSIGHTS MDI® Personal interests, attitudes and values
You learn to assess moral values, self-image and motives which help you to act more consciously.

7. INSIGHTS MDI® Sales strategy indicator
The seller receives an objective analysis of his understanding of the seven key areas of sales from acquisition to completion. This will help him to eliminate annoying weaknesses and develop strengths.MDI® Sales strategy indicator
» Sales strategy indicator

8. INSIGHTS MDI® Emotional Intelligence™ EQ-Analysis
The EQ report analyzes the emotional intelligence of participants, ie their ability to perceive emotions, to understand and systematically apply them in order to achieve a better interaction and increase productivity. The report is meant to provide insight into two areas: intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional intelligence.
» Example Report EQ-Analysis

9. INSIGHTS MDI® Workplace Analysis
Determines the behavioral workplace requirements (target profile) for new positions, or is used as “stress analysis” of existing employment relationships.
» Workplace Analysis

10. INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights Job Report
On the basis of 82 questions about behavior and the values it will be determined which behaviors and motives fit to of the corporate culture and job. As a result, you will receive the equivalent of the leadership check (including interview questions).
» Example Report Talents Insights Job Report

11. INSIGHTS MDI® Teamreport „Verhalten“
Team reports incl. various „team wheels“ on the behavioral preferences of the team members can be generated on the basis of any talent Insights team reports.
» Example Analysis Teamreport Verhalten

12. INSIGHTS MDI® Teamreport „Motivation“
Team reports incl. various „team wheels“ on the behavioral preferences of the team members can be generTeam reports incl. various „team wheels“ on the motivators of the team members can be generated on the basis of any talent Insights team reports.ated on the basis of any talent Insights team reports.
» Example Analysis Teamreport Motivation

The strong diagnostic procedure to test employability

ASSESS helps to recognize the gap between your company’s requirements and the jobrelevant competencies of the test person and to close this gap by taking appropriate measures. The instrument is web based and hence available everywhere at any time.

From the personal characteristics to the whole personality

The ASSESS instrument is based on an extensive questionnaire with 345 questions and evaluates the characteristics of 24 personality dimensions. These personality characteristics are natural respectively innate characteristics, which are rather consistent and have a long-term impact on the entire personality. The ASSESS method refers to the empiric approach of personality instruments, which are based on characteristics. It is recognized worldwide and approved by a number of validation studies.

Further developed for professional use

ASSESS constitutes a validated enhanced development and adaption of these instruments for business professionals. The data generated by the questionnaire in a computer-based evaluation process, is measured by an extensive normative database. In this context, the system offers the possibility to generate according comparison groups individually for the position and task of the candidate. Based on the measured results (in percentage) the system generates an individual report, which is available online immediately.

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Selective report

The selective reports designed for the selection of personnel offer the user clear information about the manifestation of job relevant personal characteristics. The system generates a detailed interpretation of the results based on an evaluation system for cognitive abilities, working attitude and relationship behavior. In addition, the selective reports contain guidelines for interviews with special questions, which are customized to the critical results of the respective analysis.

Sample of a selection report

Development report

The development reports offer besides the illustration of the implications of the candidate’s individual results also numerous suggestions for customized development measures. So, ASSESS provides a solid and safe basis for an individual human resource development.

Sample of a development report

Standard report

A general evaluation system for the interpretation of results underlies the standard reports. In addition, competency based reports offer the possibility to interpret the personality characteristics of the candidate concerning his individual potentials to develop certain competencies. With the results of the personality categories at hand, targeted conclusions on job-relevant competencies and skills can be drawn.

Who am I? Motives and motivation

What is important to you, what makes you really happy in your life? What are your motivators and your inner providers of energy? Success, wealth, career, family or friends, etc.? The American psychologist Prof. Steven Reiss, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University, found out after many years of research with over 20.000 test persons worldwide detected that not just one or two motives (values) play a role in our life but 16. These 16 basic desires (inner values, wishes, needs) determine what we do and our life: they are the substance we are made of. The way we create our desires, how we experience and live them in the end bring sense and meaning to our lives.

Living our desires brings joy and motivation

When we live our desires we stay energetic, feel joy, satisfaction etc. – at work and in private life. These days, more and more people have motivational problems. What is the new approach of REISS profiles“.

Provide the framework for motivation

Motivational problems can hardly be “disqualified” or undone, because motivation is a stable factor that is not easily trainable. The aim is rather to recognize the motivation of employees and to shape the environment in such a way that it favors motivation. For this, the Reiss Profile offers target-oriented support. It gathers motives and values of employees, helps you to understand and optimize personal actions and solve critical situations.

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Profiles International provides scientifically mature profiling-instruments for success-oriented management. The products support executives in improving the performance of their employees, in minimizing expensive wrong decisions in hiring and in directing capabilities and strengths of all employees into profitable paths. We enable you to assess your employees and applicants more concretely and thus manage your employees’s more effectively.

Established in over 100 countries

The products of Profiles International have a solid scientific background. The ongoing research on their further development is in the hands of highly qualified experts and meets even the strict guidelines of the „American Psychological Association“.  Despite the international focus, the instruments are customized by local / national „Product Development Teams” for the respective market. The products for the German market meet exactly the requirements for the German economy.

Fast and reliable evaluation of suitability and motivation

Gut instinct and knowledge of human nature are no longer enough to evaluate the suitability and motivation of future or current employees. We offer you qualified online-profiling instruments in order to organize your personnel management much more effective. Our know-how enables you to better evaluate and use your employees.

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Applications of Profiles International

1. Minimize wrong choices

To find talented employees use every opportunity for detailed conversation with your applicants. Whether you have an own HR department with a recruitment centre or whether you outsource this to an recruitment agency: the result can lead to a successful staffing or to a miscast.

Profiles International optimizes the application process.

Before recruitment we can give you a number of helpful criteria at hand to better evaluate whether an applicant fits into your organisation. We help you to find qualified people with the right combination of experiences, skills and interests for the respective position.

2. Optimizing the interview

The interviewing process can be a legal and practical nightmare if not approached carefully. A seemingly innocuous interview question may actually be inappropriate or even illegal, and may culminate in a costly discrimination lawsuit. Such a situation can easily be avoided by using appropriate job interview questions. An employer must ensure that job interview questions are in alignment with the law. The variety of job interview questions an employer can ask is wide and contingent upon the specific needs of a particular position.


Online-Profiling for the job interview

Profiles International offers pre-employment assessments designed to help an employer best match candidates to positions. Once a candidate submits their answers to the Profiles International online assessment, the employer is provided with a detailed set of recommended job interview questions to ask when the employer interviews the candidate. These customized job interview questions are to be used in tandem with the insights provided by the employee assessments to further assist the employer in making a well-informed hiring decision. With this the whole recruitment process is simplified. These custom interview questions are a significant improvement over common interview questions and help to avoid incompatible candidate matches, save time, and make the hiring process more effective.

3. Optimizing sales

You want to increase your sales in a highly competitive market? We have the right instruments that will help you to find salespeople who will help you to reach your goals. Maybe you already heard about the “80-20-rule”? 20 per cent of salespeople produce 80 per cent of sales. You will break this rule in the future with ProfileXT Sales.

Find successful salespeople

The reason for high labour turnover rates: half of the salespeople should not have been hired in the first place since they didn’t have a chance to be successful from the start. Only 2/3 of those who have what it takes to be successful in sales tap their full potential. The rest works less productive due to inadequate training or because they have to sell the wrong products or services.

4. Development of executives

Profiles International is an especially effective and individually adjusted training solution for your employees. By means of a survey we are able to check 70 management competencies. Modern executives need training solutions that help their employees to be successful in very different situations at work.

The management training system

Profiles International offers with its exclusive CheckPoint 360°™ an innovative management training system which is a combination of direct feedback (from colleagues and superiors) and a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. Beginning with the experiences people have made with a certain manager, with the competency system you are enabled to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your executive.

5. Improving customer service – optimizing your choice of employees

It is the responsibility of all employees to offer an excellent customer service, no matter the position – every staff has to deal with customers somehow be externally or internally. The impression the customer gets hereof influences not only current but also future sales. It helps you to find employees whose skills and temperaments contribute to improve the reputation of your firm. But what is more important: ProfileXT™ is the right instrument to establish and foster a customer-friendly corporate culture, which will make a very positive difference in the future.

6. Succession planning

Planning of succession is an important part of a management system. Its consideration should also be an important part of the executive’s assessment. Try to avoid that your company loses important information and contacts when the leading head withdraws or retires. An excellent executive stands out for paving the way to success for this successor. Unluckily this is not always the case.

Profiles International disposes of a very effective instrument the so called Total Person Profiling. It is not only used to compare the job profile with an applicant’s profile, it can illustrate the accuracy of fit between the applicant’s profile and single issues of the job profile in the percent range. This makes ProfileXT™ to a meaningful and profound instrument for the succession planning – for the individual applicant, the individual employee as well as the company.

7. Motivate employees

With Profiles International you can identify the key factors which are important to motivate your employees. Motivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as an employer. Constant pressure to increase productivity, profitability, and revenue growth can often overshadow the importance of how an unengaged workforce can negatively affect corporate performance.

Measure and improve employee motivation

The ProfileXT™ is the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art system available today for measuring individual employee potential and predicting job performance. It will help you uncover insights into why some of your employees perform at extraordinary levels while others are only average performers. Furthermore, it will also help to find the right people for the right positions. Employees feeling to be adequately employed have a higher motivation and a higher performance which in the end makes your company be more productive.

8. Talent Management

Attracting and retaining talent is essential to maintain a successful organization. Profiles International provides talent management solutions for acquiring, cultivating, and retaining skilled employees. At a time, when creativity and technological progress are vital for success we see an increasing awareness of companies for the necessity to attract and retain talents.

“Talent management” will be one of the most difficult tasks for a company in the next years since fewer and fewer talented professionals will be available. We offer a number of instruments which will help you to develop a strategy for your talent management – from searching and cultivating talents to the optimal use of it.

RELIEF – stress prevention®

Since the end of 2013, the law requires in §5 of the German Occupational Safety Act also the risk assessment regarding mental stress.

With Relief® we are now able to meet these legal requirements in a specially designed, web-based, multi-step process:

  • Identification and assessment of psychological risk factors
  • Workshop for action planning
  • Implementation of the measures: on an organizational and individual level.

We can offer a compliant implementation of the psychological risk assessment and perform customized actions for all pertinent issues.
Thus, you can meet the legal requirements and will be able to handle the entire process including documentation much easier.

A profit for the individual and the company 

RELIEF® is a labor psychological diagnostic method to detect individual stress patterns and identify stress amplifiers and coping factors in the stress event. Personal areas of action can be specifically mapped and addressed with practical interventions and coaching instructions.

Developments towards burnout can be treated in an early and preventive way and so the process might even be stopped. It is also for the psychological risk assessment within companies an important contribution on behavioral level.


  • improves the working atmosphere
  • increases productivity
  • promotes individual well-being
  • reduces staff turnover and sick days  

The areas of application of RELIEF®:

  • health promotion
  • stress prevention
  • Corporate Health Management
  • personal coaching
  • reintegration after burnout
  • leadership training
  • team developments 

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Scientific background and objectives

Scientific background and objectives

RELIEF® surveys individual stressors and their individual effects. Additionally,  processes are queried which favor or mitigate stress. In combination with supportive resources and resilience factors, this documents a highly individual exposure situation allowing individually tailored interventions.

Quality criteria

  • Objectiveness is given by computerized standardization
  • Reliability: Cronbachs Alpha 0.71 – 0.91
  • Predictive validity of burnout: up to 0.91

RELIEF® – Stress Prevention is the only validated analysis that holistically addresses the issue of stress. It helps to detect developments towards burnout in a timely and preventive manner so that it might even be averted in the best case.


Stress analysis with RELIEF®

The overview diagram shows at a glance where changes are needed, and where everything is in the “green zone”.


Stress prevention

Good companies need good employees – the others exhaust them. 

What exactly is measured?

Many data are collected such as career-relevant and personal sources of stress as well as their short and long-term effects, internal stress amplifiers, meaningfulness, motivation and commitment and also resources and resilience factors that can provide a source of resistance in the stress event. The distinction between short and long-term stress reactions is particularly significant with regard to the prediction of burnout processes.

RELIEF® is an application-related diagnostic procedure which raises an individual stress pattern among employees, enabling individualized interventions.

It is based on modern stress research and industrial psychology.