Microtraining – the best of 2 worlds:
Traditional training plus mobile learning

impuls! and the Institute of Microtraining® have started their cooperation in Q1-2017, thus expanding the impuls! product portfolio with the innovative Micro-Method®.

The Institute for Microtraining® is one of the European pioneers of innovative learning forms and has been supporting companies since 2010 with the blended learning approach within knowledge management. The Micro-Methode® bundles the findings of learning research and demonstrates how to minimize time and resources required for further training and how to develop, expand and consolidate new competencies of employees by using digital learning media.

Companies are increasingly using digital training concepts

Continuing education and training will only get the right start if the opportunity for flexible learning is given and supported by the work structures. As a result, more and more companies are going to expand traditional presence training with mobile learning forms.

The combination of presence training and mobile learning and a measurable increase in the implementation of the training content is a special feature of the Micro-method which has convinced us!

With the “best of 2 worlds” (presence training plus learning app) and the active processing of transfer tasks in the app, the participants deal with the training contents at least 45 days. Sustainability and significant increases in results are convincing.

With the Institute of Microtraining®, we have the ideal partner to help companies meet the challenges of the digital era. In this cooperation, we combine our long-term training know-how with innovative further education, which is a strategic success factor with regard to fundamental changes in whole industries and business models.

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