Your benefit

Those who enter the market expose themselves to competition and pressure of quality. Many companies offer good products and services – but what good is this if no one knows about it. Many young companies lack the money for an expensive advertising campaign and the quality promise of founding companies or no-name products is seen skeptically.

Something must be done about it!

Companies should let have the quality of their products, services, employees or the entire company be confirmed by an independent test institute.

The “Association for the Certification of Quality Management Systems and Standards e.V.” (VZQ) was established in 1995 specifically for the purpose of personnel, process and organizational diagnostics. It is a non-governmental certification body that has taken on the task of identifying and certifying good corporate performance. It is based on the DIN ISO 17021, which regulates the operation of certification bodies. The work of the Association is based on the claim of a practical and non-bureaucratic approach. The rates are so moderate that even small companies can benefit from certifications.

We offer small and medium enterprises a simple quality management system that helps to continuously optimize the quality of the operation and thus to increase (customer) satisfaction.

The optimization of products, services, employees and processes promises enthusiastic customers, motivated employees and satisfied business partners, in short, more success!

According to our motto “… always get better”

We help you to develop and improve the quality of your offer and internal processes. Many companies have already recognized the advantages and benefit from it.

Companies that have been audited by us are allowed to carry the VZQ-logo with certifications such as:

  • DIN ISO 9001:2015
  • Best quality product logo
  • Best service logo
  • Best practice logo
  • Innovation logo 
  • Certified Business Trainer/Coach
  • Certified Business Manager
  • Mental stress factors

Detailed information can be found at www.q-zert.de

The VZQ is officially accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Certification Bodies e.V.

With certificated products, services and employees, you demonstrate that you work on continual improvement, that you have worked on (service) quality and constantly strive for quality.

The certification gives your customer the confidence and assurance to rely on a certified company which has been audited according quality standards. With the good feeling, to have made the right choice!

We will be happy to assist you!

We will audit your company and assist you with approved quality certifications.