Sim:Vendo® is the first structured

With Sim:Vendo® you opt for an ideal simulation of the entire sales process! Thus Sim:Vendo® goes far beyond what is offered in conventional business games with a strong business background. It is about your market, your products and services and about you (your sellers) and their performance in the sales conversation, i.e. in the actual sales process. The sales process can be structured in phases with significantly different demands on the sales force. We can work with you to adapt these steps to your specific industry.

With Sim:Vendo®, the salespeople “work” with customers and are assessed by “observers” – throughout all sales phases. Each participant will go through all phases in the course of the simulation – and also take over all functions (salesperson / customer / observer).

The observer evaluates the performance of the “seller” according to a clear system. Different levels can be chosen in each phase. Thus leading to different levels of difficulty and a higher chance of scoring, but also a higher risk.

The participant with the highest score at the end of the simulation is the “Winner”.

Your advantages of a Sim:Vendo® simulation

Clear result through the clear evaluation of points


Clear current status of the sales process quality in the process overview


Clear current status about the quality of the sales team as a group compared to other groups / companies / industries


Self-awareness of the employees


"Team building" of all participants, conveying a distinct "WE" feeling across the entire group


Intensive training sales talk (two days power selling)

Experience-oriented approach


Playful procedure with incentive system via internal ranking


Have fun selling!


Networking of marketing / sales and back office / support


"Time advantage", to be performed at short notice, without long lead time, no intervals necessary, duration only 2 days


Applicable and useful in all situations of the company

Integration of all development processes and training


Integration in all development processes and training


Useful as a "start up" before new measures


Useful as a "follow up" after measures have been carried out


Useful as a "kick off" for new products, new projects, new employees, new managers


Ideal instrument for regular assessment of the current situation

The phase model of the simulation

The phases are run through several times, whereas the degree of difficulty can be varied

Phase 1:


Phase 2:

First contact / Demand analysis

Phase 3:

Proof / Offer

Phase 4:


Phase 5:

After Sales


Contents of our Sim:Vendo® workshops

General Introduction
  • Introduction fo the participants
  • Introduction of Sim:Vendo®
  • What is a structured sales-process-simulation?
  • How does Sim:Vendo®work?
  • Game rules and requirements!
  • Time schedule
Run through all sales phases
  • Acquisition
  • First contact / Demand analysis
  • Proof / Offer
  • Closing
  • After Sales
Evaluation and feedback
  • Creating a “ranking” of all participants
  • Working out the group result
  • Working out the individual results

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