We guarantee you quality

The profession „trainer“ is currently not yet a protected job title. So, how can you find a qualified partner? We set highest priority in continuous further training; we are involved in associations and compete with our competitors in recognized forums.

All trainers of impuls! are „Certified Business Trainer”. This makes impuls! the first German training company to work with trainers certified according DIN EN ISO 17024 only. This means for you: your impuls! trainers work according the internationally recognized standard of quality management. The strict exam criteria assure you of the updated quality level of our work. Continuous further training is part of the regulation which enables us to respond to your demands in the best possible way.

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Die Qualitätsoffensive geht weiter!

Seit September 2015 sind alle impuls! – Trainer „Certified Business Coach“, zertifiziert vom „Verband für die Zertifizierung von Qualitätsmanagementsystemen und –standards e. V.“ (VZQ).

Das Audit erfolgte auf der Grundlage der DIN EN ISO 17024:2012.